Monday, May 22, 2017

It's Time For Bee-utiful Gardens!

Yes my friends, it's that time again. Spring has sprung and now the hard work begins.  Cleaning out flower beds and making the house look pretty again after winter.  It's a lot of work, but the end result is to sit back and enjoy all your hard work.  The hubby and I moved 5 yards of pure black gold mulch to spruce up the the flower beds and nourish the plants, bushes and trees, they need to eat too!  So while I was out there, this little guy was having a good time searching for pollen.  I love the bees,  they are so good for our environment.

Coming in for a landing and nailed it!
 These are a new garden attraction for Mason bees, The Mason Bee House.  Mason bees don't sting, they are gentle little pollinators. Found this pretty house at Target for $14.99. Hang it facing the morning sun to "wake" your bees up to start work pollinating.
 OMG, Heeeeee's back!  The ground hog, my arch nemesis, he has to go!  He eats or ruins everything, digs huge holes in the gardens, takes out beautiful, growing bushes every year.  I have now resorted to sticking cat feces in his hole to get rid of him, I know it's gross, but I had no other choice, I physically do not want to harm him.  It does work by the way, so far, so good.
 Bleeding Hearts, one of my favorites and lots of Rhodies.
 Another one of my favorites is Irises, so old fashion, love them!
 My small herb garden is planted and growing.  Fresh herbs are the best in the Summer, or all year round for that matter.  I use a lot when cooking on the grill.
 The lavender grows like a weed around here, it' so calming and soothing.
 Got my local tree guy, AKA the hubby,  to cut two cedars down that got damaged from heavy snow.  Replanted a cherry tree in their place.
I planted this honeysuckle last year and didn't expect it to live.  To my surprise it did and it's beautiful and fragrant. It wrapped itself around my deck railing.
 A little shelter for the birds, away from the house.
 Beautiful Peony grew inside my globe garden ornament, they are so pretty!
 I grow a few different kind and colors- hot pink, blush, pale pink and pink with white center.
 When they bloom I always have bouquets of them around the house.  I mixed this one with Lamb's Ear.
 The house is almost in full bloom now except for the Crepe Myrtles, they will bloom very soon.
And here comes another one of my arch enemies this time of year, destroying a tree right now.
It's time to grab your shovels, rakes and gloves, and get moving in your garden.  It really is good exercise, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor for the rest of the growing season.  HAPPY GARDENING!